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Expats are often surprised and confused when someone wishes them “Good evening” at 4:30 pm!

Well, the fact is that in India, between 4 pm and 8 pm is considered to be evening.

The division of the day is as follows:

4 am – 12 pm   Morning

12 pm – 4 pm   Afternoon 

4 pm – 8 pm     Evening

8 pm onwards – Night

It might have to do with fact that in West, days last much longer in Summer, whereas in India its usually dark by 7 pm on an average.

Between 4 and 6 am in the morning is the best time for Yoga and Meditation. It is called Brahma Muhurt (Time belonging to Brahma, the God of Creation), and therefore considered a part of morning (when people are supposed to wake up and start daily activities with yoga, puja, etc) and not night.


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Ayurvedic cooking

Ayu is life and Veda means knowledge. Knowledge of Life is Ayurveda

Did you know that the food we eat has an effect not only on our body, but also on our mind? The food we eat affects our moods and thoughts for a few days after it is eaten.

    I recommend the following website :


It has some very good information about the right kind of food to be eaten  in order to promote good health.

Especially interesting are the sections on

1.  Recipes (where several simple and tasty dishes have been described)

2. Home remedies (where simple home food is recommended for people having blood pressure, heart problems, asthama, obesity, etc)

3. Most useful is the section on Monthly regimen, which describes in detail the correct food to eat in each month, keeping in mind the weather and its influence on the body.

Do check out the site!!

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